Tips to Find the Perfect Corporate Gift

Perfect Corporate Gift

Corporate gifting today has become more of a rule than an exception, more of an integral part of the business sector. Simply through a gift, regardless of whether is big or small, expensive or mundane, you send out a message that your clients and employees are important to your functioning. A gift strengthens relationships at every level, a factor that is crucial for the successful running f your business.

However, corporate gifting and choosing the right ones is definitely a complex task and should be done with a lot of care. Just before the festive season kicks off, your inbox will be flooded with gift ideas and quotations from companies offering their gift ideas. You can take your time to choose from them or even browse the many online stores for gifts. Or you can even opt to go the traditional way and scour the physical stores for items to present your clients and employees.

Here are some tips to find the perfect corporate gift.

  • Fix a budget – This should be your primary task along with a list of recipients. Have a budget allowed for corporate gifts and decide how you would want to divide it. You can have it split uniformly between all recipients or you can have a structured system, buying gifts in tune with the value that clients and employees add to your business. This will naturally vary between groups. If you have a gifting policy scripted early for the year, you can avail of “early bird” offers and buy little luxuries at affordable rates.
  • Verify corporate policies – Many corporate or Government offices have strict gifting policies. This might either be in terms of limits on dollar value of gifts or prohibiting gifts altogether. When you draw up your list of recipients, tick off names that you think might have certain reservations in place. Check with them before investing in gifts, it will not do you any good to have them returned, simply because you did not get your facts right.
  • Select quality gifts – All your gifts will have your company name and logo on it, hence select gifts on which you will be proud to have them printed. It will be a reflection of your stature and what value you put on your customers and clients. One way to judge the quality of your gift is to evaluate how you would perceive it if you received it. If in your opinion it is inexpensive commonly available stuff that has been bought without any thought, you can be sure that your recipients will judge it in exactly the same way.
  • Cultural Values matter – Always take into account the cultural values of the community that you want to gifts to. Items that will be well received by one might raise eyebrows in another. An example will illustrate this aspect better. If you have your business operations in Victoria, Australia, a wine hamper will be an ideal gift for one of your clients specialising in say, web development in Melbourne or offering SEO services in Melbourne. But the same gift might not be so well received by your clients if your business is based in India. Again, gifts wrapped in white are a strict mo-no as it represents death. This is one crucial aspect that has to be kept in mind for corporate gifting.

Buying gifts that is just right for recipients is a rather delicate task but sure to pay rich dividends in increased goodwill throughout the year if you get it right.