Gifts to Light Up the Face


If there is one thing that can light up the face of everyone regardless of class, creed or ethnicity, it is a gift. From poor impoverished children to luxurious yacht owners, from the simple man in the street to royalty, receiving and offering gifts are much cherished. It is an emotion, a feeling that has got no connection with its cost and value. A gift is as much a symbol of love, care and affection for the recipient as it is for the giver. Gifts are chosen after much thought primarily related to ensuring that the receiver gets a lot of happiness from it.

This has been made easy by the rise of online shopping. People do not have to line up outside stores before Christmas or other festivities and be forced to make a quick selection of gifts because of the pressure of the crowd around them. No longer is there a possibility of returning from a store empty handed because the right gift for a loved one cannot be found or decided upon. Today, take your time, not hours but days to browse through different online stores and make a considered selection without others in queue breathing down your neck.

Buying a gift that will guarantee an element of happiness is definitely not easy. It is almost a science and art – science because the tastes and desires of the receiver has to be analysed first and art because the right choice has to be made after taking into account all the variables. Moreover, the type of gift you buy will depend not only on the receiver but also on the occasion. Emotions and sentiments have a big part to play here. For example, an anniversary gift for your wife will be quite different from a birthday or Christmas gift.

Corporate gifts are an exception of course. Here, the emotional factor is low down the list of priorities. What is crucial here is that the company’s name and logo is prominently displayed on the gift, if not printed on the item itself, definitely on the pack somewhere. The very objective of corporate gifts is to spread the message that a business has its customers in mind and this has to be conveyed appropriately.

Gifting is so important in the lives of people that even when something good happens, we take it as God’s gift to us.